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Mobile Devops
Why most mobile testing is not continuous

Most of the companies we speak to fail to achieve full CI/CD. They deploy Jenkins or Bitrise and automate their build process but mobile testing is disconnected from their CI/CD and is a separate process. In the post we’ll discuss the reasons many companies fail to achieve continuous testing, the impact and how to overcome

Mobile QA
What Is Mobile QA? A Guide to Mobile App Testing

We’re living in a mobile-driven world. It’s very rare to see someone without a mobile phone. Facing this reality, most companies that have web applications are also considering adding mobile app support to increase traffic and engagement. In fact, you can find an app for any domain nowadays, be it banking, networking, social media, cooking,

How to choose a mobile test automation framework – Part II

In Part I of the test automation from work we discussed the selection criteria as it related to the app one is testing as well as initial set up, skill-set and authoring time. Link to part I This part will center on more generic requirements one needs to consider. At the end of the post

Measure coverage
Code Coverage vs. Test Coverage: What You Need to Know

Coverage is a metric that measures the risk with your release. It measures what is and isn’t tested today. A VP of Engineering, using the right coverage benchmarks can make an educated decision about whether to release or take additional steps to mitigate the risk, which might impact release date, commitment to customers and next


Mobile testing
What Are Some Mobile Testing Tools to Consider? The 6 Best

Automation testing is an important part of the software development life cycle. To pick the right tool for your company, it’s crucial to consider the resources, time, and skills of your team at the beginning of the project. This post describes some mobile testing tools that are widely used nowadays. Since every team’s needs will

Autonomous Testing
What Is Autonomous Testing? What The Term Really Means

Autonomous testing is the ability to create tests autonomously without users’ intervention. Properly testing applications is a time-consuming process, and autonomous testing holds the promise of significantly reducing that work. I’ve spent the past couple years trying various approaches to autonomous testing. In the next couple of minutes, I’ll summarize my learning and share with

How to choose a mobile test automation framework – Part I

  When developing a test automation strategy, choosing a framework is a key consideration. The decision is impacted by answers to questions such as what scripting language to go for, where will the tests be executed, how are we reporting results, what the pipeline looks like and so on. I would like to suggest a

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