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mobile testing vs web testing
How Is Mobile Testing Different From Web Testing?

QA engineers may face different challenges when it comes to testing different products. For websites, the challenges can arise from handling multiple browsers, external services, etc. For mobile, the challenges are more complex. That’s because, apart from the functionality of the application itself, you need to consider hardware features, the huge variety of devices to

Testing 150 mobile applications
What we learned from testing over 150 mobile applications: Summary and tips

Over the last couple of years we’ve built a test automation platform that has tested over 150 applications, across all possible frameworks, deploying computer vision, smart locators and auto-maintenance to overcome many edge cases. We reduced execution time by 90% and tested over half a dozen mobile device labs supporting real devices and emulators. Our

Mobile Devops
Why most mobile testing is not continuous

Most of the companies we speak to fail to achieve full CI/CD. They deploy Jenkins or Bitrise and automate their build process but mobile testing is disconnected from their CI/CD and is a separate process. In the post we’ll discuss the reasons many companies fail to achieve continuous testing, the impact and how to overcome

How to choose a mobile test automation framework – Part II

In Part I of the test automation from work we discussed the selection criteria as it related to the app one is testing as well as initial set up, skill-set and authoring time. Link to part I This part will center on more generic requirements one needs to consider. At the end of the post


Mobile testing
What Are Some Mobile Testing Tools to Consider? The 6 Best

Automation testing is an important part of the software development life cycle. To pick the right tool for your company, it’s crucial to consider the resources, time, and skills of your team at the beginning of the project. This post describes some mobile testing tools that are widely used nowadays. Since every team’s needs will

Why you need automated testing for your mobile app?

Many of the companies we work with were manually testing their application before using 21. The biggest benefits to automating your mobile testing are reducing the cost of bugs, consistency as well as increased coverage and release confidence.   Reducing cost of quality Automating your mobile testing empowers your organization to test more frequently. Developers

Practitioner’s Guide to AI based Autonomous Testing with Shani Shoham and Joe Colantonio

What’s the future of AI-based testing? Joe Colantonio of TestGuild talking with Shani Shoham, founder of 21labs, about his experience with AI-based testing. Shani has gone through 3 companies that used different forms of AI in their testing solutions. Discover what AI can and cannot do, as well as some relevant developments you need to

Code vs. no-code and The Future of Test Automation

The future of test automation Automation is here to stay. But who does what, if at all, is definitely going to change. Testers writing automated tests are not going anywhere, but the tools they use might change. Less and less companies are going to be wanting to develop their own framework. The “quick and easy”

How to choose a mobile test automation framework – Part I

  When developing a test automation strategy, choosing a framework is a key consideration. The decision is impacted by answers to questions such as what scripting language to go for, where will the tests be executed, how are we reporting results, what the pipeline looks like and so on. I would like to suggest a

Testing on Virtual Device vs Real Device – what to choose?

With over 60 Android devices launched since the beginning of 2020 and 18 iOS versions released in the first half of 2020, mobile testing is a challenge for many organizations. You  constantly have to catch up with the permutations of new OS versions and test a growing number of devices. Whether you are testing your

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