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21 analyses and learns your changes. Each change triggers an impact analysis, identifying other tests that present a similar pattern.

Flow changed? New screens introduced or removed? 21 can autonomously apply these changes to other tests, reducing as much as 90% of maintenance time. 21 also updates its model of screens and edges as it pre-builds new tests.


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Update Once. Apply to All Tests

The proprietary modeling technic 21 models applications as, points all tests to a single inventory of screens.

Screen updated? Update one test. Updates will automatically be applied to all other tests too.  

Screen inventory
Reduce cost of

Run tests on-demand. Give developers immediate feedback. Test early. Reduce cost of fixing bugs

Increase coverage. No devices needed

Run tests on-demand. Give developers immediate feedback. Test early. Reduce cost of fixing bugs

Release with confidence Measure Coverage

Enrich your tests with production data. Correlate the scenarios you test with user flows. Benchmark impact.


Rich reporting: Screenshots, videos, Appium logs and Logcat, steps to reproduce. All the tools needed to troubleshoot.

Self-healing Locators

Point to an element and 21 will find it. Under the hood use a sophisticated locators system that can handle any framework and uses multiple attributes to autonomously pickup the right locator. 

Locators changed? Our locator system will find other attributes to locate the element.

No unique IDs? We use alternative methods that are independent of unique locators: relative position, bounds, position and computer vision.

More About Locators

Sophisticated locators

Enrich Tests with Production Data Release with Confidence

At its core 21 developed an engine that models applications into a graph of screens and edges, offloading your application so you can author tests with no devices. The graph learns and adapts with every test you create or change.

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