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Many of the companies we work with were manually testing their application before using 21. The biggest benefits to automating your mobile testing are reducing the cost of bugs, consistency as well as increased coverage and release confidence.

Reducing cost of quality

Automating your mobile testing empowers your organization to test more frequently. Developers can trigger tests on-demand before or after commits and get immediate feedback. The outcome: It’s easier to isolate bugs and the cost of fixing them is low. The code is fresh and the developer hasn’t moved on to other tasks. Most of the time these bugs are fixed with incremental effort if addressed immediately . Fixing them at a later stage will require diving back into old code that might have been adapted by then, maybe even by another developer. Just finding the root case can be a lengthy process.
Proper test automation setup will also ensure logs, videos and screenshots are available for the developer to work with making root cause analysis faster. Testing fixes are triggered with a single click.

Consistent testing

Manual testing is prune to errors. Us, humans, take shortcuts, don’t read or assert for every character. Automated testing providers consistent results. A computer doesn’t take shortcuts, makes assumptions and can assert for every character or element without effort. It will always test a scenario the same way so you can expect consistent results.


Most organizations test only 3-4 devices. Do your users only use 3-4 devices? Assuming all your users are equal, their experience should be tested and assured. Manual testing is limited to the devices currently available by QA (some devices might be in use by others). Time is another limitation. Running the same scenarios on dozens of devices takes time.
Automated testing can be triggered by anyone, running on a central lab of devices, in parallel, hence it is providing coverage more aligned with your production environment.

Want to reduce your cost of quality and improve coverage? Start automating today.

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